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Our Products and Services

Full Upper and Lower Dentures

Our dentures are made using high impact acrylic and premium quality acrylic teeth. Our dentures are all made ‘In House’ by our own dedicated and experienced Dental Technicans at our dental laboratory, therefore adjustments can be made easily to meet individual requirements resulting in natural looking, comfortable dentures.

Partial Dentures

We are able to create partial dentures that match perfectly with your existing teeth with each tooth being individually adjusted by hand if necessary. You would have to arrange for a check up appointment with your dentist, who will be able to carry out an examination and x-rays if required to make sure that we are building on good foundations.

A referral letter is available here. Simply print this off and take this to your Dentist if you require partial dentures


A Reline could be a cost effective way of making old dentures fit in the mouth more securely.


Teeth can be added onto existing dentures to replace teeth that are missing.

Denture Repairs

For Cracks and Breakages of dentures we offer a while you wait express denture repair service, all day service, postal denture repair, prices for repairs start from £20.00

Chrome Cobalts

Chrome Cobalt partial Dentures are an excellent nickel free alternative to conventional acrylic dentures, as they can sometimes be designed to cover less of the palate to provide better sensation of taste, enabling you to enjoy your food! as well as being very durable.

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